Zandalee Psychic Life Coach

I always pick up love life. People call me about relationships and I can always detect if someone is deceiving them in any way. A lot of people are in a lot of pain or despair about love. It’s one of the most important things in our life. Love stretches over family members, love mates, animals. Love encompasses everything.

The Amazingly Clairvoyant Zandalee

As a seventh-generation psychic, Zandalee’s natural gifts and warm personality combine into a powerful psychic presence. She makes you feel at ease from the very start of the conversation and will soon have you opening up so that you can find the clarity that you so desperately seek.

Will you tell me about your gift?

Well, my gift is that I’m extremely clairvoyant and an empathy. Within my gift I do remote viewing. When someone calls me and I hear their voice, I immediately start remote viewing and my clairvoyance comes in. From those gifts I have tools that I use to go in deeper. I use crystals, tea leaves and a type of tarot cards that were passed down to me from my great-great grandmother and they have symbols on them.

What are your specialties?

First off and foremost, my specialty encompasses a lot. I always pick up love life. People call me about relationships and I can always detect if someone is deceiving them in any way.

I also will ask the spirit guides to help me. Lots of times people who have passed over who meant something to the person, whether it’s a spouse, grandparent or someone, they’ll come into the reading and I will see them. I also pick up people’s pets, especially if a pet is worried. I always pick up if someone is upset or worried and that goes for all relationships. I would say that I pick up a lot of mystery. When people call, they generally call about a relationship and relationships can be very complex. I will pick up all the complexities of the relationship to help people get clearer answers on what direction they should take.

How do you receive your information?

When someone calls I pick them up immediately by their energy. People laugh because they don’t even really have to talk. I ask them their name and zodiac sign just to get my first image. Then I do a remote viewing and pick up their energy. From there they ask me a question. Generally they don’t have to tell me what the problem is and I’ll pick it up. From there I read the tea leaves. Sometimes people want to ask one direct question and others want to know a situation. Once again, situations are generally more complex than the question so I use candle readings, tea leaves and my tarot deck.

Do you work with spirit guides?

I believe very much in God. Some people call it the Universe. I do believe in past lives. I also believe that we have spirit guides who guide us. I do believe that I’ve been given spirit guides that help guide me. I have three who help guide me. Two of them are men and one is a woman. A lot of people always ask me if my spirit guides are my parents. I believe that my mother and father are with me, but they are different than my spirit guides. My spirit guides help me when I’m reading with people, they help me pick up energy, and they give me information. I feel like they keep me protected. Sometimes I deal with situations that are very in depth and intense and my spirit guides protect my energy so I can deal with those people.

How does remote viewing work?

My remote viewing comes in many different forms. Some people call it visions, but I call it remote viewing because it’s like I’m hovering over a scene. Sometimes I pick up very detailed things that only that person would know. I might pick up a book that’s sitting next to them or paintings on the wall or doors or a window that they’re at. I may see a situation with the person they’re asking about. Sometimes remote viewing will go in the past and I can see something that happened.

You have to remember that I’m extremely clairvoyant and also an empath. I use remote viewing as a tool with both of those.

So it becomes another tool like tarot cards or the like?

Exactly. When I do my candle readings with the wax and my tea readings and I use my cards, I’ll use remote viewing. Sometimes when you read for people there are blocks. A person may call you and ask a question, but that’s not really what they want to know about. They are trying to find if you are a real psychic healer. I use many tools to connect with them so I can give them what they want and get past that block to give them the answer to their real question.

Once a person opens up their heart to me, and I don’t mean with words, the energy of their heart and soul, then I can really help them and guide them and do the work they need me to do.

How does a candle reading work?

I work with 10 candles. I have a piece of paper in front of them. While the person talks, I look into the flames, tip the candle wax off on to a piece of paper and how wax falls down will tell me a story and give me clarity about the situation. I keep my crystals there to keep the energy clear.

Will you tell me more about your special tarot card deck?

No. This is a very old deck. Actually a deck that was made from Germanic symbols. This deck I use is probably 200 years old. I do have traditional decks, but I don’t use those too often, only if I’m reading in person with someone because they are more familiar. The deck I’m talking about only has symbols on it, no pictures. When people see it they think it’s runes, but it’s not. It’s very old symbols.

Who taught you how to read those symbols?

My grandmother did teach me how to read those symbols. I was fortunate enough to be with another person who was within our family network that taught me to read them. But you know, it came very innate. I wasn’t really taught. I just understood them at a very young age.

When did you first recognize your gift?

I was very tiny. I think I just always knew I had the gift. I remember when I was four years old, I would say things and see things and tell people. With my family around me, they’d just laugh and say that my brother and I had the gift. I came from a family that had the gift for seven generations, so it was a normal family experience. I never felt out of place.

When I was five years old I started showing horses. My family bought me a show pony. I could think what the pony was thinking and I thought that everyone could do that. We had some serious issues with the animal. I told my grandmother that the reason we were having trouble was that the pony told me about fear and was upset. I told my grandmother and it got fixed. The animal came back to me and told me it was fixed.

I lost both of my parents at age six to a very tragic situation and since I’m not American I went to boarding school in Europe then came to America to go to boarding school and work in high school. In boarding school it was a little difficult because I assumed that everybody just saw things the way I did—saw images, saw people and saw things. I had to learn to turn it off. But my girlfriends were very interested and always wanted to know about it, so I’d tell people about it.

When I was nine years old, my mother came to visit me. She used to come visit me on a regular basis and help guide me. That was a very powerful experience in my life.

Were those visits comforting?

Very, very comforting. She came to see me. One night in the boarding school we had a big party. Boarding school, for me, was a great experience. I asked the headmistress to go to bed early, because I was very tired from the day’s events. When I went up the stairs to go to bed, my mother came to see me and asked me to go outside with her to the garden. She wanted to tell me things and she was always very comforting and would tell me that I was being taken care of, and being watched, and not to fear life that she had not left me. The next morning when I woke up the headmistress asked, “Where were you? You weren’t in your bed and we searched everywhere for you and when we went back to your room you were in your bed.” You know, a lot of people never forgot that experience.

Was there a turning point when you were able to use your gift in a new way?

My mother died when I was six and I went to boarding school when I was nine. I knew right away that I had a gift and my family knew it. When I was in boarding school, I learned intuitively not to alienate myself. I’ve always been the kind of person who enjoyed being with other people and other people have tended to enjoy being with me, but I noticed that people would come up to me, laughing and ask me questions to see if I could figure it out.

When I got older, when I was a teenager that’s when I realized how really strong it was. I kept it to myself, especially when I came to America because my English wasn’t good and I wanted to be careful. I had a very good friend who knew about it and I would talk to him about it. But I seriously started reading for people when I was in my first years of college.

Do you have any rituals that help you prepare for a session?

I do. For me, I set up my tea with tea leaves because I read the tea leaves. I set up my crystals for clarity. I have to pray and I have to meditate. I do that a few times a day and that keeps me grounded. I also enjoy yoga. I do yoga pretty extensively.

How do you nurture your gift?

My personal life is very interesting. I am an artist and I’m also very competitive. I really like to do things that will help me keep both of those things going. The competitiveness is not generally with other people; it’s with myself. So everything I do, like my yoga, I like to be a perfectionist and be really good at it. That keeps me centered. My drawings and my paintings really keep me centered. I’m an avid, avid gardener. I do an organic herb garden. I eat organic and I’m eco-green as far as doing my home and my gardens. I have a solarium that overlooks my garden. It’s where I do all my readings. I also do a lot of meditation and yoga there. I’m very lucky because I have a very centered family who understands what I do.

Can you tell me about one of your most memorable sessions?

What I would like to say is that I’ve had many, many clients tell me that I guided them in their love life and they either had their love come back to them and they sorted it out or they got clarity on why their relationship didn’t work and it was really a miracle for them. I’ve heard it so many times that it’s hard for me to pinpoint one thing I’ve done.

I have to say in reading in 35 years, I can’t tell you the people who have called me and thanked me for my guidance in their relationship or love triangle. It’s so hard to pinpoint one thing. I’ve reconnected lost family members with each other, I’ve helped people with very sick animals or animals they had trouble with, but what always stands out the most is the reconnection of love or giving them clarity so they can move forward. A lot of people are in a lot of pain or despair about love. It’s one of the most important things in our life. Love stretches over family members, love mates, animals. Love encompasses everything.