Finding your self Again






After we as individuals are in a relationship short term or long term, it breaks apart there can be intense sorrow and fear of the unknown. Being a Life Coach I call this place the “valley of death” and the journey can be very overwhelming and intense. This time can also be your adventure to reclaiming yourself and finding in you again.

Believing that the negative can turn positive can be very difficult to see, feel, understand or image but self discovery is healing process.

There is not a magical bullet or pill to take away the pain. But there is guidance and support through these times of questions and unknown answers. Insights and support through my abilities can ease some of the pain, questions, rational, fear and misconceptions.

This is true for any form of grieve. Reuniting love, understanding broken love, loss of pet and the undeniable questions that come with loss of any sort. Remember there will be a beginning to self discovery when you are open to the idea. Eat as healthy as possible. Remember you are special and there is no one like you.

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