Our friendships thru Time

Friendships. Our weekend retreat with friends and family made me realize as a psychic life coach how magical friendships can be and experience. So many times we close ourselves off in life with our work, our thoughts, our daily life grind and our appearance. Gratefully, I was pleasantly surprised by a beautiful place in the Blue Ridge Mountains with beautiful valley filled with relaxing, reiki, good food, friends and family. I must admit I was so tension about traveling with a group and staying with in a place that was so unique. Yes, we travel a lot but this trip was brought as a gift from the universe to learn about friendship to reflect on the friendships thru time. The higher spirit lead me to this place of comfort and opened my heart to closer relationship to my self and my gift. Reuniting and relinquishing our friendships is most important in understanding our intuitive psychic selves. You are a mystery and I am a mystery and we are all a miracle of love.  This weekend retreat reminded me to share openly and to build the bridge between the psychic life coach and intuitive self. The bridge between the two often is misunderstood and needs continues awareness. Openly sharing our wonderful spirit journey is upmost important to our friendships and building new friendships.

As a Psychic Life Coach comes with great responsibility and hardwork in order to connect with our spirit guides, Tarot, Reiki, animal guides and  higher power. Friendships through time can grow brightly if we take the time to share our warm words and time to listen. Take the time to show your understanding of friendship thru love, reuniting, taking time to eat together and give the gift of your smile. Enjoy some joyful moments with your friends. Remember animals are our friends too! Call anytime to get your relationships on track.