Being intuitive Be you.

Every day when I talk to my wonderful clients, they all seem to have a very interesting question?   The question being can I become intuitive like you or psychic like you?   Then I started to think yesterday about this question more and the answer that I’ve given to my clients, friends and family which is yes.   However, even though I always answer yes because this is my belief system and I’m always advocating that each individual look inside of themselves and to God, the universe, and other counseling if needed to find answers.  Being intuitive or becoming into it I have is a gift that we all are born with and we have to hone the skill as we progress in life.  Yes, I truly realize how hard the journey of seeing in our sides of ourselves that is difficult to look at times  can be challenging. I realize this statement is a bit confusing but I’m trying to state that looking inside of ourselves we have to look at the dark hard questions of what made us who we are how we react and how we feel toward our life situations and day-to-day dealings. But when we truly review what makes us who we are our life changing stories, our lives, our past lives connection, our belief systems, our wants and desires, our misfortune, our joy,  our family connections  these are the things and happenings that make us operate the way we do in our minds and souls. So when we look inside of ourselves to explore our psychic and intuitive abilities we must be willing to look at the positive as well as the negative aspects of ourselves. When we do this review of our soul our minds and where we are in our growth process this can be very very difficult and challenging however also very rewarding and he gives us the ability to change if we need to put change in place. Generally I find that most people discover their psychic intuitive ability  I have the tuition that is either traumatic or extremely joyful and these experiences help you look beyond what the physical is and what your talked but instead what you feel and what you begin to understand that the unseen and gods voice lives inside of all of us and the universe is here to protect us to guide us and let us experience our own journey for answers and insight. Let today be one of the days that you begin to take a look inside and start to connect with your intuitiveness, psychic I, and that feeling that you just can’t understand that bring Jude answers to the questions you need answers to. Be blessed and have a joyful day.