Free Reading and Life Coaching

This several months has been so interesting for me as a life coach which always comes being intuitive and as one would say a reader Or life coach whichever one comes first. Free readings and free life coaching sessions has always been a part of my practice because I want to each individual to have a feeling of comfort  and a connection.  Being that we all are individuals with different personalities and thoughts we all use different wordage and we also have a different way of viewing life and when I give a free readings and coaching sessions it helps the individual to find out if I’m the best one to help guide them through their journey. Free coaching session and reading is my gift.  I believe that we all should give in order to receive it’s taking me a long time to understand that concept. Some persons come to me and great panic  and others come to me out of curiosity or want to find out if I’m so called real or not and I welcome all persons with all different ideas.  Sometimes different personalities just want to interview me and find out more about how it works and I’m more than happy to share my information and my thoughts on what it’s like to do the style of work that I do. So please if you need to get a free reading to find out whatever you need to find out I welcome your call  your visit in any form text, chat, email or phone call. And yes I do do readings face-to-face when the opportunity arises or if one makes an appointment at far enough in advance.  So welcome and asked a question or concern and we can talk about it.  Remember that you’re reading or your sessions with a professional life coach or psychic is yours and they are dear to guide you and help you through any situation so choose  your professional with yourself in mind not others. I have found in this field of work there are many many talented person’s that do readings and life coach sessions  and the one that you choose should be able to guide you in a certain area or many areas of your life with ease. So I hope I’ve helped and the free reading category and in addressing some of the questions that I get on the daily basis. Life for me is a journey and always a learning process and I always tell everyone be clear with your visions of what you need and what your goals are and your guidance.  But reach out if you need help it’s not to me to someone in your local community or in your church or online there will be someone to help guide you in someway.  Be blessed and be honored .