Zandalee is amazing gifted and accurate in her skills, she can quickly give detailed and specific information about your love life, financial issues, your beloved pets, spiritual path, dream anaylsis, angel oracles, your soul purpose in this life through past lives and give will clarity to your all your questions.
Zandalee has spent much of her life during readings for all types of people and cultures. She is extremely open-minded and kind in her approach toward her guidance. She has lived in seven different countries and still travels.

Zandalee education has always been important in her family and to herself. She obtains two Bachelor of Art degrees, Master of Science degree and Doctorate degree has taken many courses in psychic development and healing. Animal reiki and communication, Tarot, yoga, Herbs for healing, Spiritual studies and she continues to educate herself daily. Zandalee provides her clients with unforgettable guidance with accurate details.